Is CBD a Health Supplement?

CBD Health Benefits
CBD Health Benefits
Health With Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound that is extracted from cannabis or hemp is believed to have enormous pharmaceutical benefits. Hence, its use in medicines has increased greatly. It is widely used for the treatment of headaches, inflammation, pain, anxiety, nausea, etc. Even though there is no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of CBD, many people claim that it has the capability to cure many diseases.

CBD is now widely used as a health supplement too. People consume it daily for the betterment of their overall health. There are a lot of CBD products available in the market including CBD oil, tablet, etc. People intake these products along with their food or alone. Many studies and scientific research are going on in the medical field to find out the medicinal properties CBD, but it still has to be established by trustable agencies like the FDA. However, it may benefit your health if you consume it in the right amount. Read along to find out if you can improve your health with cannabidiol.

What does CBD do?

Before a few years, CBD was categorized as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, hence it prevented the clinical research using this compound. However, some changes have occurred in the laws regarding the regulations and restrictions on cannabidiol. It helped to remove the obstacles existed in conducting research with CBD.

Through the studies and research conducted using CBD, it became possible for the researchers to learn more about the medicinal properties this substance carries. Some studies show that CBD has the ability to interact with cellular receptors in your body that controls mood swings, sleep and appetite.

The main advantage of CBD when compared to many other compounds extracted from the cannabis is that it does not produce the intoxicating effect. Hence you will be able to use this substance in your medicines without having to worry about the “high” feeling associated with cannabis.

Is CBD Safe?

Some tests suggest that cannabidiol can be safely used as an ingredient in dietary supplements. It is proved that CBD only contains a negligible amount of THC, which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. CBD itself is a non-psychoactive component, hence it does not produce any intoxicating effects. Also, this substance does not have the potential for causing addiction and abuse.

There are no case reports that suggest the addictive effect of CBD. Hence, CBD can be considered as a relatively safe dietary supplement. Therefore, it may be possible for you to improve your health with cannabidiol if you consume it properly. However, it is important to check with your doctor before using this substance to find out whether you are allowed to use it or not.