What Affects CBD Response Time?

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Have you ever gotten yourself in the rut of not understanding why it takes so long for the CBD to start working its magic on you? Most people can be seen ranting on various online forums on how CBD takes way too long to work for them. Some of these people end up taking CBD doses again and end up going above and beyond what is needed.

Agreed, that there isn’t much when it comes to CBD overdosing, but you might nevertheless have an upset stomach or a terrible case of headaches if you do so. Oh, the irony of taking too much of a wellness medication.

Let us try to understand as to why it takes the time that it does for the CBD to act or not act at all. Read on…

What Affects The Response Time Of CBD?

The chemical makeup of each one of us varies. Apart from that the CBD product and the manufacturer you buy from varies as well.

  • Dosage

Don’t start too low and not too high. If you end up being too conservative on the dose, then nothing may happen at all, so start with moderate doses and allow yourself to slip into it. If you feel the CBD benefits are not effective or take too long, slowly dial it up or down depending on your sweet spot.

  • Potency

The potency of the CBD plays an important role as well. The more concentrated the CBD is, the less of it you will need. This is why beginners need to stick to low doses if the concentration of the CBD is way too high.

  • Your Body

How quickly the body metabolises, your gender, your level of fitness and experience with previous CBD products all play a role in deciding how long it takes for the CBD to work for you.

Last but not the least;

The Method Of Consuming

This plays an important role in the response time. The following are the main methods of administering:

  1. Inhalation: by far the most fastest method of reaping in the CBD benefits. It should take you no more than 7 minutes to start feeling the effects. The reason for the quick action is because of the high bioavailability of this method.
  2. Sublingual: A tad slower than the previous method. Will take upto 10 minutes for you to start feeling the effects.
  3. Topical: Administering using creams and lotion, provide targeted effect but works much slower as it does penetrate into the bloodstream. Will take an hour to start becoming effective.
  4. Oral: in the form of CBD edibles and CBD gummies, will provide a long lasting effect but takes the longest of the lot to kick into action; upto a couple of hours.