Reasons To Introduce Your Dogs To CBD

CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets

What makes CBD unique is that it is not only us, but our dogs too have a lot to gain from this herbal medication. Pet owners can vouch that much like us, dogs have their fair share of worries and problems. They have unique personalities and complex bodily systems that have links to us.

It is this common link that enabled the CBD industry to put out many diverse CBD products catering to dogs. Our focus is on how and when we should use CBD for pets. We have listed out some stress points that will help you make a decision on when to bring CBD into their lives. Read on…

Stress And Anxiety

Dogs are prone to severe anxiety. The reasons could be many- from being away from their owners to hormonal imbalances. You will see this anxiety and stress surface in many forms:

  • They may bark unwanted or may get aggressive, even bite.
  • They may frequently and uncontrollably urinate and pass stool.
  • They seem morose and inactive.
  • They sleep more than they spend time around the house.

CBD products help ground them and keep them calm. CBD is a natural relaxant that can help dogs get better sleep and rest, which in turn helps them be more proactive and in better behavior.

Joint Pain

In the same way, as we age and our joints creak, so does happen for dogs. Dogs are prone to osteoporosis, inflammation and many other age-related bone disorders. Their loss in mobility and constant chronic pain is enough to chew into the quality of life and dampen the spirits of the most joyous of dogs. CBD helps as an anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling/reddening. The pain response is also reduced and allow in better pain management.


Dogs are susceptible to epileptic seizures. The statistics put around 5% of dogs in this category. The research that sides CBD as being a viable medication to control the symptoms, and reduces the frequency and intensity of the seizures are piling up. A recent study by the Colorado State University in 2018, says that 89% of dogs introduced to CBD in the clinical trials had a reduction in the frequency of epileptic seizures.

The benefits of using CBD in the case of dogs are factual and there is credible research backing the claims. It is only a matter of time that we learn more about this herbal medication, and help our four legged friends find quality in their lives.