Why Is CBD Taking So Long To Work?

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Have you ever felt that your CBD medication is taking way too long to kick in? Your mind must be pacing through what you did wrong, or what you didn’t do. This is a situation that many of you who are reading this can relate to. As a ditch attempt, many may even re-dose and end up taking way more than intended.

It is true that one cannot possibly overdose on CBD, but overindulging in CBD will negate all of the CBD health benefits and bring about side effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, lethargy and sleepiness among few others.

Before taking a swig of that CBD pills bottle, take a moment to reflect and learn what it is that affects the response time of CBD. Read on…

On What Does The Response Time Depend On?

There are many things that decide how quickly the CBD effects kick in. We will be briefly going through what these are, and show you how the way in which you consume CBD has a dramatic effect on the effectiveness and duration.

  • The Dosage

How much you take, goes a long way in deciding the extent of the health benefits you experience. Starting with smaller doses and then zoning into the sweet spot for yourself would be the advice we would like to leave you with. Begin with 50mg of CBD per day and see how your body responds to it. If you feel it is inadequate, then increase the dose by 2mg next time, to the point where you get favorable results. Keep in mind that not all CBD is the same, and a concentration that works for one particular brand of CBD may not work with another- you may have to start the process of trial and error.

Don’t go too low with the dosing- you may not feel anything at all.

  • The Concentration

The higher concentration means more of CBD in a single drop, hence more dramatic will be the effect. Start with low concentrations if you are just starting off with CBD, and then slowly work your way up.

  • The Chemical Make-Up

The individual chemical make-up of the CBD user goes to decide the efficacy of the CBD. Factors right from fat content, body mass index (BMI), level of fitness, rate of metabolism to gender, age and experience levels all go to decide how your CBD therapy progresses.

The Final Note

The CBD experience is unique for everyone. What may work for you may not be the case for someone else. Take the time to experiment with it and adapt.