Which CBD Spectrum To Choose?

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Are you wondering why you failed the drug test when you have been taking the best CBD oil? Do you know why doctors ask you to take isolate CBD when you want to pass the drug test badly? If no, this article will clear your doubts.

CBD is presently available in the market in three different spectrums, full-spectrum CBD, isolate CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD. Despite being from the same source these are different because of the processing they undergo.

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD?

When the process of extraction is conducted in the hemp plant, all organic compounds, terpenes, waxes, fats, and cannabinoids including THC and CBD will be extracted. This mixture of organic compounds then undergoes a series of processes at the end of which the mixture will consist of a good amount of CBD, terpenes, essential oil, vitamins, minerals, and other cannabinoids.

What Is Isolate CBD?

Unlike full-spectrum CBD, isolate CBD does not contain any other compounds. It constitutes of pure CBD. The extracted mixture further undergoes distillation or other similar separation processes to remove all the other compounds from it. It is white and crystalline in appearance because of its purity. Since, it is 99% CBD, it is the spectrum with the highest dose of CBD.

What Is Broad Spectrum CBD?

In simple words, broad-spectrum CBD is full-spectrum CBD without THC. Full-spectrum CBD undergoes a separation process like chromatography to purify the mixture of THC. However, it will contain all the other compounds.

Which CBD Spectrum Should You Choose?

Before we start, there are a few things you should know.

Firstly, what is the entourage effect?

As said before, full-spectrum CBD contains many other compounds other than CBD. Once these organic compounds enter our body, they function by binding to our body receptors and offer positive effects. Moreover, these compounds help each other by enhancing their qualities. That is, the benefits of CBD (its therapeutic properties) increases because of these compounds. This effect is called the entourage effect or synergy effect.

You will experience this effect in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD.

Unfortunately, due to the presence of THC in full-spectrum CBD, it can be detected in a drug test. And broad-spectrum CBD is not very abundantly available.

Isolate CBD is used by people who have to take CBD in high doses and cannot risk having THC in their system. It can be added to foods and drinks without any worry because of its odorless and tasteless property.